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Welcome to Beck Energy

Since the first wells were drilled in Ohio more than 100 years ago, the Buckeye state has played an important role in developing our nation’s natural resources. The pumping units that are found in fields and towns in almost every Ohio county account for thousands of jobs and create income for landowners, businesses and producers. Our state is now experiencing an energy boom much like the one that brought drilling rigs here in the early 1900’s. Recent discoveries in the Marcellus Shale and Utica formation hold enormous potential for development. Beck Energy Corporation welcomes inquires from landowners who may want to learn more about their mineral rights and the possibilities of getting a well drilled on their property. Our company also continues to explore in the Clinton/Medina formations as well and has expertise in drilling under HB 278 in urbanized areas. Click Here to Learn More.


Super Giant Field in the Appalachians?

A few years ago every geologist involved in Appalachian Basin oil and gas knew about the Devonian black shale called the Marcellus. Its black color made it easy to spot in the field and its slightly radioactive signature made it a very easy pick on a geophysical well log. However, very few of these geologists were excited about the Marcellus Shale as a major source of natural gas. Wells drilled through it produced some gas but rarely in enormous quantity. Few if any in the natural gas industry suspected that the Marcellus might soon be a major contributor to the natural gas supply of the United States – large enough to be spoken of as a “super giant” gas field.